Meet the East London startup bringing space travel to the masses

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Analog Motion is a London-based 'space' startup solving how people move through city space. With their equity crowdfunding campaign ending on Seedrs on Sunday (28/03/21) they will be closing their funding round with ~£400k (200% over target). The campaign launched in Feb, originally seeking £200,000. Offering ~2-4% in equity at a £9.6m pre-money valuation.

Today, the space in our cities is filled with things that make the space less enjoyable for everyone and that's a problem we have the capacity to change. The space between destinations is the best parts of our city, the pavements, the roads, the streets. They are wide, they are expansive and they receive most of the sun. Our vision at Analog Motion is to be protagonists of change by accepting that what is there now was right at a moment in time. That time has changed and so should our thoughts around them. Cities are like people, they hold onto old sub-conscious narratives that do not serve them into the future. Navid Gornall
Moving through our cities has traditionally been something which we endure, but we know the journey can be enjoyed, even loved. We believe electric bikes are the future of how we move through cities. We want people to love space the moment they are in it, rather than to labour through it as a conduit to their next destination. Navid Gornall
We're on a mission to create products that help people love the space between places. In the future we'll be designing for outer space but as entrepreneurs we have a duty to tackle the needs of the age in which we live, in accordance with our individual capacity. Navid Gornall

Electric bicycles are safe, comfortable and road-legal without any need for tax, insurance or licensing. UK law views e-bikes as a bicycle, not a motorised vehicle. By replacing trips with e-bikes Analog Motion believes that's one less slow, polluting car journey, one less hot cramped tube experience, one more hour per day to spend with friends and family.

In just 3 years the startup has shipped more than 3000 e-bikes globally with 250% year-on-year growth including raising £1.8m in their Indiegogo campaign. They delivered on it through both a global pandemic, Brexit and supply chain shutdowns. Despite the setbacks, they are firmly committed to their mission, to help people love space. Last summer they bought up 85% of the ground level billboard space in East London to launch an advertising campaign to inject a 'little love back on the streets'.

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Our friends at JCDecaux offered us a deal to buy up most of the East London ground level media space in the lockdown summer of 2020. There was one caveat; we had 24 hours to build the campaign and submit the assets. We said heck yes and worked through the night to complete it. We thought, if we can put even the smallest amount of joy back on the streets that would be us fulfilling our mission. If just one person changes their thought patterns around how they can move through city space, if one more person can realise how profoundly enjoyable it is to be effortlessly propelled through space, then we'll have accomplished what we set out to do. Nav Gornall

The pandemic has shifted how we use our streets, how we respect them, what our cities be like and what they should feel like. Cities in the EU have invested 1bn in cycling infrastructure in 2020 alone.

Admittedly, a pandemic was not factored into our projections. By Jan 2020 we started to learn about COVID from our friends in China and by February we were fastening our seatbelts. 2020 was turbulent and it showed us very clearly that every challenge is an opportunity to bridge the gaps in our knowledge. Our seatbelts are still fastened for 2021 because whether we like it or not, we're on a rocketship as demand for e-bikes is up 250% from 2019. At one point, we were receiving hundreds of messages a day and had to pull shifts to clear the backlog which look months. Jack Chalkley

Both product designers, the founders Navid Gornall and Jack Chalkley have attracted a global following from crowdfunding backers in over 400 cities around the world - impressive growth from a lean team of 6 people working out of a converted church in East London.

Returning to the crowd for investment was an obvious choice for us. We believe in the power of community in coming together to solve a big problem, and we're honoured to be unable to differentiate between backer, customer, investor and friend - they are one and the same. Nav Gornall

With the funds raised, the team are going to be piloting a new model of ownership, subscription.

Most people don't buy an iPhone outright so why should they do that for e-bikes. One of the key drivers of mobile phone ubiquity was affordability. We should be seeing an e-bike every 10 seconds on the streets, to achieve that, the price must be accessible. Jack Chalkley
Electric bikes are now at the inflection point of becoming mass-consumer products and thus the servicing requirements shift. Our teams will be utilising their years of experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing e-bikes to launch a service experience in cities around the world, starting first by serving our neighbourhood, Hackney in East London. We have somewhat of a contrarian thesis to prove around what this experience should feel like and once we're satisfied with the results this summer we'll rapidly scale it up. Jack Chalkley
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Accessibility is not just the price, but also the whole ownership experience. We have successfully created e-bikes that are effortless to ride, now we are making them effortless to own. Jack Chalkley

With this, Analog Motion aims to revolutionise how we move thought space by not solely judging a journey by how efficiently, quickly or easily the destination is reached, but rather appreciating the journey itself. Founder, Navid Gornall discusses,

The penny dropped for me when I realised that joy is found in the moment, rather than at a future or past point in time. We all seem to be waiting for something, trying to pass time, to immerse ourselves in something that isn't the present moment, but time is truly the only finite resource, why are we wasting it? Every journey should be one that is pure pleasure. Today we're solving short city trips because this is the biggest problem facing our cities that we have the capacity to solve. Tomorrow...we're expecting nothing, it could be anything, but we have some ideas... Nav Gornall

Funds from the Seedrs campaign will be used to scale the subscription pilot and build the brand to become the top 'space' company. Nav concludes;

We're going to become the best space company on the planet but right now the space at ground level needs a little work. Nav Gornall
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